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Angel Card and Oracle Readings Irina Benedict Sue & Jeff Kelley Jennifer Foster Sally Fitzgerald Valerie Inksetter Angel Guidance Jennifer Angelee Jennifer Foster Animal Communication Karen Harkness Aromatherapy Jessica Raymond Deborah Carrick Aqualead Brian Gray Astrology Stan Dynak Bowen Justin D'Amico Chakra Assessment And Tune Up Fran Janes Lisbeth Fregonese AnnMarie Hodges Chakra Drawing Elizabeth April Channeling Elizabeth April Lisbeth Fregonese Jennifer Foster Andrew Bray AnnMarie Hodges Children Services Sue & Jeff Kelley Chiropractic Dr. Cheryl Pokszywka Dr. Lisa Ryder and Dr. Neil Brown Coaching Irina Benedict Patryk Chalcarz Stan Dynak Jennifer Angelee Dr. Stacey Cooper Susan Stephens Andrew Bray Valerie Inksetter AnnMarie Hodges Russell Scott Alahnnaa Campbell Craniosacral Therapy Laurie Peel Crystal Energy/Therapist/Healing Jennifer Foster Robert Wisniewski Brian Gray Energy Medicine Gaisheda Kheawok Energy Workers Brian Gray Karen Harkness Nicole Parkhill Maura Smith Marcia and Briar Culbert Gaisheda Kheawok Alison Bastarache Sue & Jeff Kelley Robert Wisniewski Tom & Mary Wass Lisbeth Fregonese Jennifer Foster Andrew Bray Sally Fitzgerald Jennifer Lyall Denika Manswell Velvet Williamson Glutatathione Enhancement Ian Whybrow
Halotherapy Patryk Chalcarz Holistic Tattoo Artist Nicole Parkhill Homeopathy Samar Boursalie Human Design Alahnnaa Campbell Hypnosis Jo-Anne Eadie Indian Head Massage Carrie Chilcott Integrated Energy Therapy Sue & Jeff Kelley Intuitive Elizabeth April Delia Beadle Lisbeth Fregonese Andrew Bray Jennifer Foster Jennifer Lyall AnnMarie Hodges Laser Therapy Dr. Cheryl Pokszywka Massage Jamie Lafferty Medical Exercise Julie Bellini Medical Qi Gong Pius Kunz Edward Fregonese (Guided) Meditation Marcia and Briar Culbert Alison Bastarache Lisbeth Fregonese Jennifer Foster Andrew Bray Sally Fitzgerald Mediums Jennifer Angelee Jennifer Foster Sally Fitzgerald AnnMarie Hodges Natural Health Lisa Ryder and Dr.Neil Brown Naturopathic Medicine Dr. Kristen Agg Numerology Valerie Inksetter Nutrition Michelle Hughes Marcia and Briar Culbert Dr. Stacey Cooper Susan Stephens Maral Duckworth Past Life Velvet Williamson Pranic Healing Pius Kunz Psychic Elizabeth April PSYCH-K ® Jennifer Angelee Pyramid-Power Rebalancing Brian Gray Quantum Touch Edward Fregonese Rainbow Energy Healing Irina Benedict
Reconnective Healing Connie Kowalski Reflexology Carrie Chilcott Danielle McDonald Kerry Ann Bourgeois Reiki Brian Gray Karen Harkness Jennifer Angelee Alison Bastarache Carrie Chilcott Sue & Jeff Kelley Susan Stephens Delia Beadle Jennifer Foster Sally Fitzgerald Shamanism Gaisheda Kheawok Sound Therapy/Healing Michael Moon Kristen Anderson Soul Contract Alahnnaa Campbell Space Clearing and Cleansing Sally Fitzgerald Specialized Kinesiology Laurie Peel Spiritual Counseling Stan Dynak Maura Smith Marcia and Briar Culbert Gaisheda Kheawok Spiritual Retreat Fran Janes Russell Scott Tarot Card Readings Delia Beadle Valerie Inksetter Theta Healing Connie Kowalski Traditional Indigenous Teachings Carrie Chilcott Weight- Loss/Fitness/Nutrition Michelle Hughes Dr. Stacey Cooper Wholistic Wellness Susan Lynn Brandridge Michelle Hughes Marcia and Briar Culbert Dr. Stacey Cooper Susan Stephens Maral Duckworth Womb Health Denique Manswell Workshop Facilitator Brian Gray Fran Janes Alison Bastarache Sue & Jeff Kelley Lisbeth Fregonese Andrew Bray Yoni Steaming Denika Manswell
Stores & Merchandise Tranquil Solutions Canada  (meditation benches and cushion sets) –  Barbara Walton & Steve Balla Traditions Alive  (Meditation Supplies: Creams, Perfumes, Crystal Trees, Singing Bowls, Crystal Sterling Silver, Clothing) – Roopa Dar Spiritual Funk - Michelle Cassady VitaLYFE  (Magnificent Magnesium Body Spray) – Renee Sekula Crystal Squared  (Dowsing Rods, Pendulums, Crystals, Gemstones & Custom Crystal Power Rods) – Catherine & Jody Maas White Flame Company  (Crystals, Gemstones, Candles, Salt Lamps, Jewelry, Signing Bowls, Incense, Spiritual Home Décor) – Rhonda Pavlovich Velmada (Organic/Vegan Skin Care) – Velvet Williamson Gen-Org Gifts (Genesa Crystals & Orgonite) – Randy Uhlmann