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Our 2016 Speakers
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11:15 am – 12:00 pm Irina Benedict Topic:  Enlightenment Now: How to Use Spiritual Support in Your Day-to-Day Life We may meditate or pray at designated times or places throughout the day and these are wonderful practices. We can take this one step further and enlist spiritual support in our day-to-day life. Join Irina to learn how to easily recover from overwhelm, shorten your to-do list, find solutions to your problems and live life in alignment with your purpose and your higher self. Irina will engage your minds and hearts by combining humour, practical strategies and spiritual modalities. In 2011 after some spiritual epiphanies and deep healing from childhood abuse, Irina left her nuclear engineering career to follow her purpose and become a Strategic Intervention Coach certified by Tony Robbins as well as an Energy Healer and Angel Card Reader. Irina is the founder of the Entrepreneur Enlightenment Academy TM where through coaching, curriculum and community, entrepreneurs are supported to THRIVE in Business while following Their Purpose. www.EntrepreneurEnlightenmentAcademy.com 12:00 pm – 12:30 pm Lisbeth Fregonese (Keynote Speaker) Topic:  Your Divine Matrix: Using Your Energy Field to Meet Your Soul’s Purpose The time has come where humans are beginning to understand that we are so much more than our Bodies, Minds, and Emotions. Our AWARENESS is preparing us for the next step in the evolution process that confirms that we are a single thread amongst billions and billions of other threads. This is referred to as the Divine Matrix and this is what constitutes our energetic connection to one another and the reason we are ONE with the Universe. For years we have struggled to find our place in the world, our place in our relationships, and our reason for BEING alive on this planet. However, for years we have continued to look for these answers outside of ourselves. Now as the veils of Consciousness are getting thinner and thinner, we have the opportunity to see and feel within ourselves what lays beneath our skin, our minds, and our hearts. Come out and learn about the deeper layers of your Soul and how you fit into the Matrix of the Divine Source. www.LuminousEnergeticPathways.com 12:45 pm – 1:15 pm Ian Whybrow  Topic:  Thriving in a Toxic World: How to Naturally Regain Cellular Health Ian Whybrow has seen success in the Corporate and Entrepreneurial worlds. He is a self-described Science Geek and has a keen ability to separate science fact from science crap. This talent has allowed him to recognize the causative effect of Pollution, Poor Nutrition and Pharmaceuticals in many Chronic Diseases and a powerful natural way to reverse the damage. During his journey to spread the word, he stumbled upon Spiritual and Energy Healing and became a convert. He has come to believe that there is a scientific explanation as to why this healing works and will touch on his theory during his presentation. Ian will discuss ways to naturally drive your body to reverse Cellular Inflammation, repair Oxidative Stress and remove Toxins, allowing you to take back control of your health, slow down the aging process and live a Happier, Healthier, Longer Life. www.live2themax.com 1:30 pm – 2:00 pm Christine Miokovic Topic:  A Spiritual Life: Signs That Inform You That You Are On A Spiritual Path When you make that commitment to live your life from the core of your heart you open the floodgates to so much that is new and exciting. What used to inform you will shed away to make room for the new. When you acclaim that you want to be of service to others know that spirit has now joined you on your journey. The signs that will surround and impact you are present to acknowledge your new path. Your commitment is really to share your light with the world. I will share my realizations so that you can identify with them and resonate with the lessons of your personal spiritual life. Christine has a private practice in Toronto. She offers Angel Guidance and Healing as well as Rainbow Energy Healing.  Her passion is to share her spiritual wisdom with those searching for answers, which she does through her workshop facilitation. www.christinemiokovic.wordpress.com 2:15 pm – 2:45pm Michelle Smye Hughes (Educator, Author) Topic:  The Plant Based Secret: Nutrition to Balance Physical & Emotional Energy Imagine a world where every decision you make is the best decision for your optimal health, happiness and the planet? It is a powerful transformation and in this presentation, Michelle will provide education to help you to discover the SECRET to LOVING a Whole Foods Plant-Based Lifestyle! The enlightening & inspiring presentation will include education on the nutrition of this lifestyle, as well as the health benefits, the impacts to our Global Ecosystems and to Human Awareness. Health benefits include protection against many common diseases (including heart disease, some cancers, and Type II Diabetes) as well as enhancing the body’s remarkable ability to selectively mix and match digested food at a biochemical level. Although these provide  plenty of health benefits, you will also learn about the shockingly positive impacts of a plant-based diet on our planet and our minds! Michelle holds a certificate in Plant Based Nutrition from the T Colin Campbell Institute of Nutrition, Cornell University and is the author of "The Plant Based Secret". www.theplantbasedsecret.com 3:00 pm – 3:30 pm Elizabeth April  Topic:  Reinvent Your Reality: Bringing Awareness into your Human Existence  “Reinvent Your Reality” will give you the guidance needed in bringing awareness into your human experience. This seminar will allow you to understand your reality in ways previously inconceivable. You will be learning the following four steps throughout: Define Awareness Re-Define Harnessing Truth These four steps will change your reality, ultimately, changing your life. www.ElizabethApril.com 3:45pm – 4:15pm Sharon McGregor Topic:  Mediumship Demonstration: Messages From the Other Side After the passing of my only child in 2010 I had no purpose in life, I was angry   and lost.  I had to know where he was and if he was ok, so I learned how to   become a medium and how to connect with him and many other loved ones on   the other side.   Now it is my turn to give back, by helping other families, through mediumship,   connect with their loved ones proving that life goes on and that they are still around us. In addition to sharing some of her stories, Sharon will also be facilitating a medium  demonstration for the audience! Please visit her website www.spiritsrwe.ca for information about Sharon’s services, workshops, events and more.